Sarabeth is a multi –award winning restaurateur, artisanal baker and jam maker, cookbook author and winner of the prestigious James Beard Foundation’s “

Outstanding Pastry Chef of the Year” award. In 2015, she was elected to the Specialty Food Association’s Hall of Fame.
Sarabeth first began her business in 1981 making her family’s unique 200 year old recipe for Orange Apricot Marmalade at her apartment in New York City.

Today, Sarabeth and her husband, Bill Levine, operate a 15,000 square foot jam manufacturing facility and a 4400 square foot wholesale bakery, café and retail shop in Manhattan’s Chelsea Market. Under her direction there are presently successful Sarabeth’s restaurants throughout the world; 10 in the United States, 5 in Japan, 1 in South Korea, 2 in Taiwan, and 1 in Dubai City Walk.
Sarabeth is the author of two highly acclaimed cookbooks,“ Sarabeth’s Bakery – From My Hands to Yours” published in 2010 and the “Good Morning Cookbook”,published in 2015.

The Sarabeth brand is very well recognized for its excellence in the New York metropolitan area and, indeed, throughout the nation due to her frequent appearances on QVC, TV, in magazine articles, newspaper stories and by customer word of mouth.

Our History

In 1981, Sarabeth and Bill Levine opened a tiny bakery-kitchen to make and sell her preserves and baked goods. A few tables and chairs were soon added, first for breakfast and then for lunch. The little store, with its unique charm and wholesomely delicious products became an instant success with discriminating New Yorkers. By popular demand Sarabeth’s (East) made its debut in 1983, followed by Sarabeth’s (West) in 1986. Both restaurants began serving dinner as well as breakfast, lunch and brunch. Sarabeth’s Bakery at the Chelsea Market, a wholesale/retail bakery and café began operations in 1998. 2005 saw the opening of Sarabeth’s then largest restaurant in New York City’s most prime location, Central Park South, between Fifth and Sixth Aves., just steps from the famed Plaza Hotel and across the street from Central Park. Sarabeth’s Key West also debuted in 2005 in its landmark location. Both restaurants are extremely popular. Sarabeth’s latest and largest restaurant opened in New York City’s Tribeca district in August, 2011. It is the first of Sarabeth’s restaurants to have a full cocktail bar with seating and TV. More restaurant locations are now in the development stage. When you are in New York City or Key West, Florida, please come visit us. It’s worth the trip!

Sarabeth’s award-winning “Legendary Spreadable Fruit”, which had its beginning in Sarabeth’s and Bill’s Manhattan apartment with a few jars being sold to local businesses, is now being produced in a 15,000 s.f. factory in the Bronx, still being operated by Sarabeth and Bill. They are sold in the finest department stores, gourmet shops and specialty stores throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Canada, Japan and South Korea and have achieved a reputation as the finest fruit spreads and jams in the gourmet industry. Click on the “Preserves” icon to view the flavors available for purchase.

Sarabeth’s First Bakery, 1981

Bill Levine at our factory in New York


William (Bill) Levine is the co-founder, with Sarabeth, of the Sarabeth companies. He has been married to Sarabeth since March, 1981, just after the launch of the first Sarabeth product on the market, the Orange Apricot Marmalade. A graduate Civil Engineer from City College of New York , he operated his own construction company, Builder’s Task Force, Inc. which he formed in 1975. His company built the first Sarabeth’s retail store, and Sarabeth’s East and West Side restaurants. In 1989, Bill phased out of the construction business and began devoting his full time activities to developing the Sarabeth products and brand.  Today, Bill is the CEO of SBK Preserves, Inc., the manufacturing arm of the Sarabeth’s entities and is responsible for the production, sales and marketing of all Sarabeth’s products. He is also instrumental in extending the restaurants and the products to its foreign locations. In 2015, Bill was inducted into the SFA’s Hall of Fame and has served on its Board of Directors.


Charlie joined Sarabeth’s in June 2011 as President and Chief Operating Officer of SBK Preserves, Inc. the corporation that manufactures Sarabeth’s line of jams and other gourmet products. Charlie is a graduate of Haverford College and earned a MBA from Columbia University. A former partner in the famed Ciao Bella Gelato Company, Charlie sold his company to a private equity group in 2008 and remained onboard until 2011.  A fellow member of the NASFT (The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade), renamed the SFA (Specialty Food Association), Charlie knew Sarabeth and Bill for 20 years and had great admiration for their company and brand.  In the early years of both companies’ existence they had teamed up in a joint venture to produce a line of ice cream called “Ciao Bella Sarabeth’s”, an extraordinary combination of Sarabeth’s spreadable fruits, baked treats and Ciao Bella gelato. Charlie is working closely with the owners of Sarabeth’s to help manage brand equity, build consumer awareness and loyalty, and structure the business for aggressive growth and profitability.  In 2016, Charlie was inducted into the SFA’s Hall of Fame. He is on the Board of Directors for the SFA and Ciao Bella Gelato.